Antony - Founder & Owner

Hi guys I the old man of the team and am based here in Hamilton NZ. I founded Acid Longboards and build all the decks we sell. I love pool and mini ramp skating and froth on going fast downhill.For DH i ride the fall out on 47/37 split ronins on 78a RADS . When I am not skating I love spending time with my wife and kids. I also enjoy surfing, beer and great coffee. One My biggest goals is to lose my beer gut, which will help save my knees and back as I move on into true old dude status.


Hi guys, I am from Dunedin, NZ. The last few years I have been traveling and skating abroad. I am currently based in BC Canada and have been entering as many north American Races and events as I can. I have been skating Since 2007. My current Acid set ups are: Acid fall out with 50 k4, Venoms, Rad Glides, Roam Coarse and Rad bearings and a chopped acid fall out on 160 M Spec Skoa and Rad Advantages. I love mini vans and sleeping. The perfect night for me is a long romantic walk on the beach in the rain followed by a cuddling up with a copy of harry potter by a nice warm fire.


I am based Eskilstuna, a small town in Sweden. I have been skating for over 3 years. I was stoked to spend 4 months in NZ over this past summer hanging out with NZ riders and hitting a bunch of kiwi hills. I alway enjoy competing in the Taberg downhill challenge and the Swedish championships. Really great event, food, stoked people. My other sponsors include MR boardshop, Atlas trucks and clould ride wheels. My curnet Acid setups are the Acid 8-track for freeride and the Acid Addict for fast DH. When I am not skating I enjoy playing “League of leagends” and furthering my part time study in gynaecology. My other interests include monkeys and being lost in nature.


Hey guys, I am based in Auckland, New Zealand. I have been riding Since March 2010. My current set up is an Acid Fallout, 46 degree Aera K4, 78a Rad Advantages, Green/Red Venom barrels, Zealous bearings and Roam Coarse grip. I enjoy staking and filming and have a successful YouTube channel. One of my Favourite place to skate here in NZ is Mangamuka Gorge. Check out my youtube channel to see what I been up to. I am currently building a portfolio of over 60 yr old black and white nudes for a book I am writing. If you have a submission please email me at crunchiesphotos@hotmail.com


Hi guys I am based in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. One of my favourite places to skate here in AUS is Dorrigo/NBS's secret spot. I have been skating for almost 3 years and just spent time racing in the Philippines. I am planning to spend the next year or more traveling the globe staking and competing in as many IDF races and events as I can. My current Acid set up is an Acid Fallout on Aera K3's, 78a biggie hawgs or 80a mini monster hawgs, red/green venom barrels, zealous bearings and rdvx grip. I am also on the team at Mudjimba Cruisers. When I am not skating I enjoy jazz aerobics and one day hope to run my own studio. My life goals include skydiving naked in africa, mastering the art of ninjutsu and writing a book on transcendental meditation.


Hi guys, I am from Whangarei, New Zealand and currently work for the NZ Navy. I have been skating since early 2011. One of my favourite hills here in NZ is the “Testicle Facility”. I one day hope to enter the Wistler Longboard festival and Kozakov challenge. My current Acid set up is: Acid Fallout, K4s, Advantages, Zealous, Venom bushings and Gangster grip. When I am not skating I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, chilling, wearing hot pants, Eating breathing, sleeping. I am looking for a rich Super model to pamper me so please email me your credentials if you are interested to troywantsyourlove@gmail.com

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